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"ShadowCraft 2.0" is a Minecraft single-player series, created by Lizzie, and named after her (the Shadow part from her online name). It premiered on May 16, 2015, where she explores several Minecraft mods. In the second season, the first few episodes focused around Lizzie's attempt at adventure to find a good place to build, where she had built her first house and started an animal and vegetable farm. However, as the series progresses, the episodes began to focus on the Minecraft mods and building.

LDShadowLady had created this series to take the place of the continuation of her previous Minecraft Single-player series, ShadowCraft.

The first season of ShadowCraft had finished it's seventy-three episode run on October 11, 2014. Until almost 8 months later premiered ShadowCraft 2.0, her new main series.


So far Lizzie has had 2 different houses in Shadowcraft 2.0.

House 1 (E3-E9)

Lizzie's first house was a small purple structure in the countryside. From the front it had two windows on either side of a glass door. The interior had the Minecraft essentials on the ground floor (Furnace, Crafting bench etc), and was also briefly home to a fishbowl. A ladder on the wall took you to the upstairs area which contained only a bed and a window. The house was quite bright on the inside due to the large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The house was first seen in Episode 3 of ShadowCraft 2.0 "Huge Crabs, Tiny House" and was last seen in Episode 9 of ShadowCraft 2.0 "Home Make-over", where it was demolished for a bigger house.

House 2 (E9-Finale)

Lizzie's second, and current house was built in Episode 9 of ShadowCraft 2.0 "Home Make-over" after her first house was demolished. I remains on the site of the old house but is far bigger. It is made primarily from wood and stands big and tall. The entrance leads you to a large open room which has some stairs leading to the upstairs of the house. It also has two other doors that all lead outside. There is a shelf to the right as you walk in full of "Weird things" such as a Soul, and a ball of Flesh. There is also another shelf on the left which holds the many flowers that Lizzie has collected over the season. On the left as you walk in is a tall chair, some chest of drawers with a goldfish bowl on top of it. Next to the chair is a bookcase full of Minecraft stories that fans have made. Towards the back of the house is all the kitchen requirements (Furnace, Fridge, Crafting Bench etc), and a cookie bowl. Going upstairs leads you to Lizzie bedroom. Which has some shelves and a large window with a view of the world. There is a globe and computer on either side of the room.

Mod List

A list of Minecraft mods that are used in the series.

Version - 1.7.2

  1. Chicken Shed
  2. Survival Wings
  3. Tree Capitator
  4. Lucky Block
  5. Animal Bikes
  6. Baby Animals
  7. Biomes O' Plenty
  8. Craftguide
  9. Decocraft
  10. Mo Creatures
  11. Fairy Lights
  12. Gravestones
  13. MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod
  14. Oceancraft
  15. Pam's Get all the Seeds
  16. Pam's Harvestcraft
  17. Pam's Weee Flowers
  18. Shaders
  19. Twilight Forest
  20. Wallpaper Mod
  21. Statues Mod
  22. YouTuber Blocks
  23. Shaderpack - BSLMedium
  24. Texture packs - Sphax (crops) and Sandy Dreams (grass & dirt)


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  • The premiere episode of ShadowCraft 2.0, "Sorry Nature!", is the 20th most-viewed video of all of Lizzie's series.
  • Lizzie ended ShadowCraft because she said she ran out of ideas to do in the series.
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