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LDShadowLady's house was built in a large grassy field, a meadow, with a waterfall in the backyard. It's a large stone and wood multi-story home. It was home to LDShadowLady and her animals.

First Floor

The main entrance leads to the living room and dining room. It has two staircases, one that leads upstairs and one that leads to the basement. Further into the ground floor has an open entrance with two different rooms on both sides. A fenced room, to the right, leads to the pet bedrooms, which held the cats Tigerpaw and Jake, and others. To the left, was her kitchen, a bathroom, and another exit to the backyard.

Second Floor

The second floor has Lizzie's bedroom, which has two beds and four bookcases, two at the corner top and bottom, with two torches on top of them. It also holds two doors to different rooms. She also has a spare bedroom for people who would like to download the map and use it. In her bedroom, going through the exit leads you to her balcony, which also has another spare bedroom with 4 beds, which would've been used for visitors.

Mod List

A list of Minecraft mods that are used in the series.

Version - 1.5.2

  1. Optifine
  2. Shaders
  3. RudoPlays Shader Pack
  4. Mo Creatures
  5. Rei's Mini Map
  6. XL Extra Biomes
  7. Smart Moving
  8. Familiars
  9. Pam's Harvestcraft
  10. Timber
  11. Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod
  12. Dyeable Beds Mod
  13. Craft Guide
  14. Jammy Furniture
  15. DecoCraft


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  • Since ShadowCraft was running on such an old version of Minecraft (1.5.2), after a while, It started to have many bugs and glitches. One noticeable glitch was that Lizzie's animals had despawned, and after that, all the items in her chests. There where also a few other glitches like her achievements being reset, animal duplication (BB the pink dolphin duplicating in E55) and so forth. This was one of the reasons Lizzie ended ShadowCraft, the other being that she wanted a fresh start.
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