"LDShadowLady's Flower Breeding" (also known as "Lizzie's Flower Breeding" and "Flower Breeding" in the creative menu) is a Minecraft mod created by Lizzie.

It allows you to breed species of flowers to produce unique plants for decoration.


"This mod allows you to cross-pollinate vanilla flowers to create different flowers in a variety of colours.

Craft an empty pollen jar to begin, use it to right-click a vanilla flower to collect pollen.

Transfer the pollen onto another vanilla flower to receive seeds.

The seeds can be planted and farmed like vanilla crops.

Once they are fully-grown you can harvest the flowers to place elsewhere."

How To Use

First you must craft a pollen jar, using 3 glass panes. Once you have your jar, find a flower with the desired colour you want, and right click it. Then find another flower with the desired breed you want, then right click it. You will receive a seed, which needs to be planted like any other crop. Once it grows, you right click it to harvest it, and you will receive the flower and its corresponding seed to regrow. The flower can then be placed like any other flower.

Flower Breeds

Dye + Flower = Breed Image (-Dye-)
Any Dye + Dandelion = Dandelion
Poppy Poppies
Blue Orchid Clematis (Vine)
Allium Hybrid Allium
Azure Bluet Clover(s)
Red Tulip Hyacinth
Orange Tulip
Pink Tulip
White Tulip
Oxeye Daisy Hybrid Daisy
Cornflower Dianthus
Lily of the Valley Bougainvillea (Vine)
Wither Rose Fairy Rose
Sunflower "Hybird" (Hybrid) Sunflower
Rose Bush Hybrid Rose Bush
Peony Foxglove
Lilac Jasmine (Vine)
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