Episode 3

In this episode she went with purple shingles for the roof and foundation and pink wood planks for the walls. When you walk up the stairs into the house you at greated by chests to your left and in front of you the kitchen with her furnace, crafting table, her blue shulker box, lots of paintings,and lots of drawers. To your right is an empty area that will soon be added. Upstairs is her bedroom and downstairs is her chest room.

Episode 4-Episode 9

In this episode she stuck with the roof color but changed the pink wood with this purple gray sorta color for the wood planks. In the kitchen she added a kitchen table,fairy lights,a checkerboard carpet,and changed her shulker box color to pink.Near her bed she added item frames with her inventory pets in them.What she also put in her room is a new light gray chiseld carpet , she replaced the boring white bed to a bunk bed with a pink bed on top and blue one on the bottom , added some pictures, added armor stands, and got some shulker boxes of corse in rainbow DUH. I mean its LD fricken ShadowLady we are talking about.In episode 5 she only added hat stands to the empty area to display her 2 new hats.In episode 6 She added a hello kitty head, a stich head, and joel's head to her armor stands, she added potted flower head to her railing, a unicorn plushie head next to her beds. In the kitchen she put a lemon head on the floor,a pink frosted donut on top of her furnace, and put a white frosted donut with her hat stands.She made a rainbow rug in her hat area with chiseld carpets. She added fairy lights in the hat area to light the place up.In episode 7 she opened disney wish blocks and got 2 new disney hats.In Episode 8 she opened more diney wish blocks and got 4 more hats if i counted correctly. She crafted 5 more wings to add to her collection.

Episode 10 - Finale

In this episode she has cyan shingles for the roof and cyan wood planks for the walls.She started to go all witchy and planted a bat seed. She also planted some mini trees.She opened much more disney wish blocks and now has tons of hats.


  • Yammy
  • Laurun
  • Joel
  • Lizzie
  • Joey
  • Callum
  • Oli
  • Scott
  • Mariel

more players may be needed to be added


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