Buddy 3

Buddy as a kitten.

Buddy is LDShadowLady's cat. He is a Calico or tortoiseshell cat. He was first introduced in an Instagram picture, which was first uploaded on April 11, 2013. The caption that was posted along with the photo was, "I got a kitty cat :3."

Lizzie adopted Buddy when she found out that a cat in her neighborhood had given birth to kittens, but the owner didn't want them, so Lizzie took one of them, and named him Buddy.

Around December 19th, 2013, Buddy went missing for a few days. Lizzie was very upset and put up posters around her area. After a few days she almost lost hope, but a man named Barry called her up and said he might have found her cat. She drove to his house and he opened the garage door where he had trapped the cat. Fortunately, it was Buddy. Lizzie drove him home in the car and he was climbing all over the seats. When he got home he was very hungry. Lizzie wrote Barry a Christmas card and gave him some chocolates the next day to thank him for finding her cat.

Unfortunately, on January 12th 2015, Buddy went missing again. Lizzie posted many tweets regarding Buddy, including updates on how long he has been missing. Many of the tweets exclaimed that Buddy would most likely not be coming back. However, on January 18th, Buddy returned home. Lizzie posted a tweet saying, "After almost exactly a week of being missing, Buddy has returned home."

Buddy was said to have a girlfriend, whom he runs off to unknown places with.

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