Liviaalilla Liviaalilla 9 January

How can i join ldshadowlady

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ZeldaQueenShadowCadet ZeldaQueenShadowCadet 7 November 2019

I Need Help with something.

My question is that I recently came on (I was here 3 years ago) and I wan to edot something, may you help me?

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Blackberrythepiratefox Blackberrythepiratefox 1 August 2019


I am talking to my self,if i am correct i am all alone on this wiki.IF i am correct everyone else is inactive.

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Banana Gianna Banana Gianna 17 September 2018

Ldshadowlady help!

I am working on an Ldshadowlady life page. Anyone who wants to help can ask me. I need informantion, so please leave a comment about her life.

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LizzieShadowLady LizzieShadowLady 31 January 2016

Game Time!

Hey everyone! It's LDShadowLady here. Today we are gonna play some games and challenges. They will be listed below in different catagories. Just pick the one your good at, and get started!

  • 1 Trivia
  • 2 Math Genius
  • 3 Vocab. Man
  • 4 Science Geek

Trivia is a classical question and answer game played by manys. I give you questions, you answer in the comments in this format:

Q: Where do Lizzie Live?

Q: Who is SmallishBeans?

Q: What is ShadowCraft?

Q: How old is Lizzie?

Think your good at math? Answer this in the comment below in this format:

  1. Pick a number.
  2. Add that number with 2.
  3. Divide that number with 1.
  4. Add 15.
  5. Subtract 15
  6. Divide 1.
  7. Subtract 2.

You should end up with the number you started with.

Super hard words, tell me what they mean!

  1. Squalid
  2. Creel
  3. Likeness
  4. Myth

Your a s…

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